Rice Bran Oil - Refined

This oil is lighter and makes mild, creamy and moisturizing bar of soap, and a luxuriously moisturizing lotion. Its unique component, gamma oryzanol, is one of the most effective anti-oxidants. Rice Bran Oil protects skin from harmful sun damage.  The high sterol content makes this oil invaluable in the fight against free radicals and external aggressions such as wind, cold, pollutions. Rice Bran Oil is very good for hair and can normalize oiliness of the scalp and rejuvenates dull looking hair. Hair looks shinier, nourished, thicker and easy to manage.
Botanical Name:Oryza Sativa
Grade:Refined (RBDW)
Extraction By:Solvent
Parts Used:Bran
Appearance:Yellow Color, Odorless
INCI:Oryza Sativa Bran Oil
CAS Number:68553-81-1
Origin:Thailand, South East Asia

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