FD&C Yellow 6 - (Alum Lake)

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Approved for use in food, drugs and cosmetics by the FDA. Batch certified (to us) pure dyes have superior chemical purity, batch to batch consistency, the highest possible color purity (chroma or saturation) and superior dispersibility. The term "lake" refers to the laking or precipitating of the organic salt onto a metal substrate such as aluminum, calcium, or barium. They are called D&C (drug and cosmetic) and FD&C (food, drug and cosmetic) colors and some are readily soluble as opposed to pigments, which are insoluble. Dyes are useful in providing tints for lotions, oils, and shampoos. These colorants are in powder form and are shipped in plastic pouches and sealed for security.

  • CI Number:15985
  • Country of Origin: USA
  • Can be used in general cosmetics, bath products & soap
  • Not for use in cosmetics: EYE area
  • MSDS or COA available upon request
  • Also known as Sunset Yellow. Very orange in color
  • Water Soluble
  • Stable in CP soap

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