Olea Clay


ColorClay® NATURAL
The Cosmetic Power of the Earth

ColorClay® is a very versatile cosmetic ingredient. It can be mixed directly with water or formulated into products such as face masks, creams, shampoos, soaps. The clays allow the enrichment of formulas with the energy and vitality of their trace elements and the dynamic of their natural colors. They are representative of the rich earth and Mediterranean forests from where they are mined.

COLORCLAY® OLEA tones and improves texture and appearance of the skin thanks to the calcium and iron content.

The small particle size gives a high specific surface, thus a high absorption capacity, a very useful property for oily and impure skin. Mixed with water and directly applied on the skin, it increases body temperature allowing a better penetration of active ingredients.


  • Facial, corporal or capillary masks...
    Presented as 100% powder for mixing with liquids (water, tonics, thermal spring water, active solutions) or in combination with other powders in a formula. There are indications for the treatment of SPA. The dose could be between 10 to 30%.
  • Facial and corporal mud...
    in the form of emulsions or suspensions with different properties: purifiers, contouring and firming, peelings, toners, relaxants, anti-cellulite etc. The recommended dose is between 5 and 25%
  • Facial, corporal and capillary cleansing products...
    -Liquid soaps or shampoos (dose from 2 to 10%).
    -Liquid soap peelers (dose from 10 to 20%).
    -Bars of soap for deep cleansing or as a complement to other treatments

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