Beeswax Pearls - White


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Enhance your skincare products with our premium Beeswax Pearls - White. Known for its mild and sweet aroma, this beeswax can be used in lip balms, ointments, salves, and more. Its varying white and off-white shades make it a versatile ingredient perfect for creams, lotions, and body butters. Not only does it add rigidity and body to your formulations, but it also has emollient and softening properties. Experience its amazing benefits when added to soap, as it provides hardness and resistance to melting. In addition, using pure beeswax candles in place of paraffin candles is better for the environment, making it a must-have for creating aromatherapy grade candles. Trust in the value of our Beeswax Pearls - White for all your crafting needs.

Form: White pearls/beads.
INCI Name: Beeswax
Shelf Life: Stable
NaOH SAP Value: 0.067 (converted to ounces)
KOH SAP Value: 0.095 (converted to ounces)

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