Medium Brown Iron Oxide


Mineral Powder Pigments are cosmetic-grade. These pigments are mined from the earth (inorganic) and approved for use in soap, mineral cosmetics and toiletries. These are color additives which are insoluble in the medium to which they is added (remain suspended within the medium and do not dissolve). They will not "bleed/migrate" or fade. Certain colors are unstable in cold process soap (noted). Use approximately ¼ to ½ teaspoons per pound of cold processed soap, depending upon your desired shade. Pre-dispersing is recommended in either CP soap batter, liquid glycerin or base oils. Can also be used in cosmetic, toiletry & body products. Not recommended for melt and pour soap unless you disperse them first in liquid glycerin.

Sold by weight and shipped in pouches.
COA: France

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