Pomegranate Oil - Organic

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Punica granatum has been valued for centuries as a medical plant. Native to ancient Persia, today is widely grown through the Mediterranean. It is priced for luxurious and deeply penetrating oil from the seeds of Pomegranate fruit. The secret of the precious Pomegranate oil is in flavonoids and punicic acid.  Punicic acid is very rare in nature and pomegranate oil is the only known botanical source of it. Structure of punicic acid is compatible with skin and it acts as delivery system, helps nutrients to get deeper into skin and nourish cells. It Improves cellular regeneration and rejuvenation. Because of all its properties together, pomegranate seed oil provides soothing, hydrating relief for those with extra dry and sensitive skin.


  • Botanical Name: Punica Granatum
  • Grade: Unrefined Extra Virgin
  • Extraction By: Cold Pressed
  • INCI: Punica Granatum Seed Oil

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