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Our Rosemary Essential Oil is the verbenone type which has a content of Verbenone between 5%-9%. This Rosemary plant type has a much lower cineol content which makes this oil much more gentle and less pungent. Our Rosemary oil has higher levels of Alpha Pinene which is a natural organic component which smells like Turpentine. Research shows “the intense antimicrobial potential of eugenol, b-pinene and a-pinene which were able to inhibit significantly the growth and cell viability of potential infectious endocarditis causing gram-positive bacteria.”*. The Alpha Pinene in Rosemary is a terpenoid which has been found to be effective to repel lice. The 1,8 cineol component found in Rosemary oil has been known to increase blood flow, therefore it is good to use Rosemary oil in a massage blend. Rosemary oil has been recorded to have antioxidant activity.*


INCI / LATIN / TYPE: Rosmarinus officinalis verbenone oil
SHELF LIFE: 5 years
EXTRACTION: Steam distillation
PART OF PLANT: Leaves and flowers
COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: South Africa or Madagascar

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