Safflower Oil - Refined - High Oleic


This Safflower Oil is deeply hydrating and contains a high concentration of vitamin E. With its moisturizing properties, it is perfect for enhancing skin quality and texture. It effectively unclogs pores and purifies the skin, resulting in a smoother appearance. For those experiencing hair loss, using safflower oil can prevent protein loss, a leading contributor to baldness. Its vitamin E content also nourishes the scalp and safeguards hair.


  • Botanical Name: Carthamus Tinctorius
  • Grade: Refined
  • Extraction By: Expeller Pressed 
  • Parts Used: Seeds
  • Appearance: Pale Yellow Color, Odorless
  • INCI: Carthamus Tinctorius Seed Oil
  • CAS Number: 8001-23-8
  • Origin: Mexico, USA

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