Body Lotion Base - Organic

Our lotion base:

Create an organic Lotion with a blend of nourishing Coconut, Sunflower Oils and Shea Nut butter. Enjoy a light velvety texture that leaves your skin feeling silky and hydrated. This fully formulated base is suitable for all skin types and pump/bottle dispensers. No thickening needed – simply add your own organic fragrance or essential oils


Luxurious, organic coconut, sunflower, shea butter oils, apricot kernel oil, and aloe vera leaf juice, carefully blended with cetearyl alcohol, coco-glucoside, xanthan gum and protective phenoxyethanol, create this nourishing body lotion! Added Citric Acid, tocopherol, lactic acid, benzoic acid and dehydroacetic acid form the signature, soothing blend.

    Shelf Life: 1-2 years


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